Balystik HPR800c regulator with line, US version

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The HPR 800C is a new regulator based essentially on the evolution of the HPR 800. More compact, it now has a "Tournament Cap" that can block the pressure for parts or a lock is required at the pressure. The response time has also been improved which makes it possible to use it for electropneumatic systems or directly on GBB / GBBR where the compressed air replaces the green gas.

Characteristics :

- Integrated Tournament lock (adjustment key provided)

- Integrated air filter to prevent foreign body passage in the HPA system

- Compact, it is screwed and unscrews directly on the bottle, even full.

- Durable and durable: Made of T6 aluminum fully cut in the mass (CNC)

- ON / OFF: The unscrewed faucet has its maximum cut off the air supply. 

- Only compatible with Kevlar and aluminum bottles equipped with a 800 PSI high pressure preset.

- Inlet pressure: 700-900 PSI (incompatible with SLP bottles)

- Output pressure: 0-130 PSI

- No entry screw: ASA female

- No output screw: 1/8 NPT female